Knowing Warranties!

Some Companies back their products with warranties that can be turned into a big savings if you are knowledgeable! Here is a stainless steel BBQ with a lifetime warranty that was bought used at a garage sale for $40 because internal parts were corroded too much. After contacting the manufacturer, for $27 more for shipping and cleaning kit, the rest of the replacement parts were sent for free. Total cost was $67 for this one with side burner, broiler, and rotisserie.


Trash Compactor $

By making the trash take up less space many folks find savings because the sanitation pick up prices are often based on size of container.  Also, if you find aluminum recycling time consuming, the trash compactor can be used for aluminum cans to crush cans faster with less work, saving you time and space. Trash compactors can be found used for bargain prices as I have seen them offered from free to about 20 US dollars. DygDSCN0745