Business Card Designing

I just finished designing the new frugal business cards using Inkscape software. The soft ware is free but takes some time to learn. For easier learning I searched YouTube for “Inkscape Tutorial”! YouTube is fast becoming a do-it-your-self training resource! Another low cost way is to go to and hire it done. For a print shop, the edges must have some bleed spacing also. Can you see me hard at work? Dyg


Solar Yard Lights

Too many get broke off easily as the point is not strong. To fix this, instead use a short length of re-bar to drive into the ground and slide the tubular stem over it. This not only resists breakage but will serve to spin and let hoses slide right by without dragging the hose into the flower bed or garden. When not needing the lighting, you can just slide a plastic length of pipe over it, to spin over the re-bar! Dyg

Laptop Keyboard Protector

I used a cardboard the thickness of cereal boxes to make a stencil for cutting clear plastic in to a rectangle shape slightly larger than that of keyboard and made numerous pre-cut clear plastic protectors to last through out the year. Be sure not to cover any ventilation openings. By using a small square of transparent scotch tape on each of the 4 corners, this keeps it in place. Each time I clean and replace the protector, I use rubbing alcohol placed onto the cleaning linen before wiping it down. The alcohol cleans food, oils, and tape adhesive off very nicely. Do not apply alcohol directly to the laptop. Dyg