Business Card Designing

I just finished designing the new frugal business cards using Inkscape software. The soft ware is free but takes some time to learn. For easier learning I searched YouTube for “Inkscape Tutorial”! YouTube is fast becoming a do-it-your-self training resource! Another low cost way is to go to and hire it done. For a print shop, the edges must have some bleed spacing also. Can you see me hard at work? Dyg


Seasonal Opportunities!

Spring and summer seasons open up outdoor activities on hunting for antler sheds, wild mushrooms, and wild berries! This may even go well with camping or RV-ing. If you do not collect these for yourself, this activity can bring in some cash by selling them.      Dyg

Finding loose change


In some countries there are coin operated machine such as at laundry mats or car washes that sometimes people forget to pick up their change by the machines or from the coin dispensers. At car washes, some vacuum machines have coins laying around or inside the vacuum waste trap. Also fast food places with a drive through drop change by accident and do not bother to pick it up. Do not forget to check around in cushion chairs or the ground around picnic tables for lost pocket change. At parks coins are often lost beneath swing sets and other such provisions of entertainment. Dirty laundry hampers may have clothes with change left in the pockets too. Fairs, Flea markets, open markets and such are vulnerable to loosing change where vendors give change and customers dig in their pockets. In grassy parks or on beaches, a metal detector with a coin probe often works well. A ice pick works for a cheap coin probe. For a cheap hand held metal detector for a small search, a calculator and a small am radio can be taped together. Under car seats have yielded coins too. Always be aware that used clothes and purses at garage sales and thrift stores have yielded money to the buyers before!

Mechanic charges

Now I know many of you DIY (Do It Yourself) repairs on vehicles like I normally do, but when traveling, I do not like to carry heavy tools. So, when I took a 6 hour drive to the big city I had a reminder of the importance of how they charge. To estimate, they use a book rate to determine the labor cost. But the dirty trick is to charge you for each labor that overlaps the same labor for another job. When my water pump went out they were going to charge me for the book rate on the water pump replacement, belts replacement, thermostat replacement, and hoses replacement. When I caught this I explained to the manager that the car was not even in the shop for the total labor time on the estimate as well as that the time in replacing the water pump included time to replace belts, and shroud over the hoses. After, bringing this up, the manager took off the extra labor charges and took 10% off the bill which reduced the bill by $300!

Treasure Hunter?

Seems to be lots of ways to find a treasure of value, such as antiquing, thrifting, garage sales, metal detecting, classified adds, mining, scrapping, and so much more! So many types of valuable items could put money in your pocket! What kind of treasure do you look for? What is your favorite treasure find?

Treasure chest

Golden Find!

Found this gold ring with my garage sale metal detector! It is 14 karat gold with 2 small diamonds in it! This is a fun hobby that can be rewarding too! So should I sell it or hold on to it? How do you determine what to do with your great finds?  Dyg

gold ring