Raising cash

This may be as simple as recycling aluminum cans to selling your surplus belongings. For local sales or items that are not easily shipped you may wish to use online classifieds like Craigslist or even have a garage sale. You can also make a flyer of you own and post on local bulletin boards as well. For more valuable or easily shipped items to sell, Ebay often works well. Some places have local consignment shops as well for you to sell through. Pawn shops may work in a rush but may not give you the best prices. For many causes there are some great fund raiser sites such as Indiegog, Kickstarter, Giveforward, Gofundme, and Gogetfunding. Online loans are also becoming more common such as Prosper. Good use of a loan may be to buy into a business or rental property that creates an income.

Earning a income

For a simple beginning income you may want to consider regular sales marketing locally through a antique or crafts mall in your area. Also, online you can sell through Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy. Ebay is well known auction site where you can sell personally or have a store. Amazon also will let you have a store and sells many books too. Etsy is for arts and crafts sales if you are the creative type of person. You can also offer a service that you can post on local classifieds and bulletin boards. If you like to write, you can make money blogging. If you like to take pictures you can take pictures to sell both online or locally. Building your own business maybe your desire as I have done. I found a good online business teacher that I am using and do not wish to re-invent the wheel so to speak. So I will offer you his help as a add to this web site later.

Finding work

Locally, of course there is always job service and temporaries, but I often see listings on Craigslist too. Be sure to consider odd jobs or gigs to keep some money coming in. Elance is another good source of odd jobs or gigs. If you are willing to relocate, you may want to consider working where logging is included to save money. Sometimes ranches, farms or care giver positions offer this. Also, if you have a RV, many folks do workamping. I have heard Amazon likes to hire workampers. Do network, as many good leads are generated this way.


For safer online transactions many find Paypal works very well. This way neither parties involved can not get bank or credit card information from each other to protect their accounts. If you wish to send money internationally to friends or family, you may want to use Xoom or Moneygram. To protect you money in a transaction of greater size some like to use an escrow. This involves the escrow company holding the funds as a neutral party until the product is received which protects both the buyer and the seller.


First maybe consider investing in tools or equipment that will make your own time worth more. Also, consider opening a online investment account that you can manage your self. If you have more funds to work with, you can consider swing trading or even day trading.


Yes, bartering can save money but also can generate money if you are creative in what you barter for. By bartering for marketable items or service, you can turn your results into cash by selling items or service you received.


Always watch for opportunities to negotiate for a better price. To avoid insulting someone, you may have to begin with “would you be offended easily if” or ask “may i ask you what is your best price?”.  Also remember that the person that first gives a price may be at a disadvantage in negotiating.

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