Well, many of us frugal folk do not always have a choice when work or family ties are connected. However, with careful planning this can be changed for many of us. The choice of rural or urban and in which country may be a bigger decision the more adventurous of us. Lifestyle of our choice locations will likely be determined by income, local cost of living, and culture. Even taxes and regulations can be a motivation. Seems the lifestyle,culture, and comfort level everyone may seek will still be strongly influenced by income and cost of living. Finding your lifestyle balance will likely bring you more contentment.


This is often great for folk who wish to live more off of the land. Also, land related costs are often less while commuting costs can be higher. Further you are from town, the more limited your internet options may be. Often government regulations are more relaxed.


Often a great choice for workaholics or folk that choose conveniences first. Having less distance to travel can be offset by travel time delays in heavy traffic. Often has more concentration of various forms of entertainment. Also you may find it easier to find free WiFi hotspots! Often local government may have more regulations to contend with.


This opens up a whole world of possibilities to folk that are more flexible and adventurous. Cost of living can be very different between countries. Also, Sources of income can be completely different for some folk. Those who are retired or have portable trades can really utilize this avenue. Look forward to having much more on this later!

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