Coupons & Discounts

I hope to add printable coupons later to this site. In the mean time, be sure when you find coupon flyers and books to check for internet addresses on them. By doing this you can save time by checking their coupons regularly from home. Many local coupon advertisers will also make their coupons available on line too. Manufacture companies often put coupons on line as well. So, searching coupons by manufacturer is good too. Coupon sites are showing up all over the net these days too. Often discounts are available that are not heavily advertised. Remember that some discounts are just a “ask” away! Try asking for discounts such as senior discount, military discount(if you are military or veteran), occupational discounts, quantity discounts, and any club discounts that you may be a member of.


By buying used, you can save a bundle of money over time. Most local classified papers have a web site that you can go to as well that will save you time and space in your garbage can! Also, check local classifieds on line at web sites like universities and internet providers. And of course the well known Craigslist is not to be forgotten. Fiver web site is great for shopping for bargain online services.


Farmers markets and flea markets are a great shopping source for local products and supplies. Most of all, these place offer you a chance to negotiate on prices.


Local auctions like auction companies or storage auctions often take more time but can at least help you find closer to whole sale or public prices. I personally recommend for wheeler dealer folks that if you spend a lot of time at these you will get good at determining the value of used stuff. Online Auction work much the same but often have shipping charges to be considered too. However, the best part of online auctions is being able to shop from the comfort of your home.

Garage sales

I have to admit this is one of my favorites as I have found some of the best deals at these. Sometimes I even find stuff i can resell for a nice chunk of pocket change. I will likely have some great stories for you to read about in the article section on this. To do well at garage sales you often need to plan your Saturday morning very carefully. First by copy and pasting all the garage sale listings on your word document. Second, by arranging them in order of opening times. Third, arrange by either by priority sales or  locations. Be sure to have a local map. Local maps are often free at a local chamber of commerce. Then on sale day, be prompt or early to the sales and be time efficient in your shopping. Best of all, be prepared to negotiate!


Many good deals have been found at thrift stores, second hand stores and even antique stores or malls. Sometimes you can find brand name items in great condition for much better prices than retail stores.


Fiverr and Elance are  a couple of the many great online service gigs search places.


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