Free WiFi or longer WiFi reach with a cantenna

wifi cantenna and diish

Cantennas that are built efficiently will give much greater distance or stronger signals. Basically, they are made from a can and a WiFi stick and best mounted on something like a tripod or mast. I have found that the 40 oz. soup or stew can is best for me. Using a dremmel tool with a small cut off wheel I cut a rectangle hole for the USB plug on stick into the can about an inch from the bottom of the can. The bottom of the can is the back of the cantenna and the open end is the direction of the WiFi source. In the middle of the can is good place to drill and mount a camera tripod base for it.  For outdoor use you may want to cover the open end with plastic and use silicone sealant around USB attachment. Also by using a parabolic dish with the cantenna, some have reported  miles of distance gained! To do this you will have to mount the can on the dish in the same relationship as the dish head was mounted. This is great for those hard to reach places in coffee shops or RV parks!