Finding loose change


In some countries there are coin operated machine such as at laundry mats or car washes that sometimes people forget to pick up their change by the machines or from the coin dispensers. At car washes, some vacuum machines have coins laying around or inside the vacuum waste trap. Also fast food places with a drive through drop change by accident and do not bother to pick it up. Do not forget to check around in cushion chairs or the ground around picnic tables for lost pocket change. At parks coins are often lost beneath swing sets and other such provisions of entertainment. Dirty laundry hampers may have clothes with change left in the pockets too. Fairs, Flea markets, open markets and such are vulnerable to loosing change where vendors give change and customers dig in their pockets. In grassy parks or on beaches, a metal detector with a coin probe often works well. A ice pick works for a cheap coin probe. For a cheap hand held metal detector for a small search, a calculator and a small am radio can be taped together. Under car seats have yielded coins too. Always be aware that used clothes and purses at garage sales and thrift stores have yielded money to the buyers before!