Cheap Moleskin

Have you ever had blisters from your shoe rubbing against your foot?  Let the Duct tape take that rubbing as a substitute for moleskin. Breaking in new shoes? Going on a long hike?  Winter or cowboy boots getting to you? Duct tape these days comes in so many colors to choose from too! To make thicker protection, you can add extra layers. Also for any sore you may have already, put some tissue paper, cotton, or cloth over the sore and beneath the duct tape. Anyone have any other great uses for duct tape?  DygCheap Moleskin

Lean hamburger saving tip!

Many grocery store meat butcher departments will sometimes grind your meat that you buy there for free! So, when I find a sale on roast or other lean meat that is cheaper than hamburger, I have them turn this meat into hamburger for me for some great savings. Be sure to ask first and make sure you do not try this when it is getting close to the butchers closing time as they may have closed down their grinder for the day.