Seasonal Opportunities!

Spring and summer seasons open up outdoor activities on hunting for antler sheds, wild mushrooms, and wild berries! This may even go well with camping or RV-ing. If you do not collect these for yourself, this activity can bring in some cash by selling them.      Dyg

Meat Grinding

To save on ground meats we sometimes grind our own meat that was on sale or hunted. I like using the electric grinder but in case of power outage or to save on electricity, it is nice to have a hand crank grinder on hand too. Dyggrinders

Egg Test

Many may know but for those that do not I am adding this for good measure. As I have lived abroad, I learn how effective it is to test eggs by placing them in a bowl of water deeper than the eggs. If the egg floats at all, it is bad. If the egg sits on the bottom it is good.

Coconut scraper from re-bar

coconut scraper

This kitchen tool scrapes the meat out of the coconut shell much like a grater, making it a one step process for fresh grated coconut. It is made out of a small piece or rebar. One end of the re-bar is hammered out flat and tines ground in, while the other end is more pointed and bent towards the wood like a stinger. This way it only requires one hole the middle for a nail or screw to mount it securely. It is usually mounted on a low bench to sit on while a pan is placed under it to catch the grated meat. This was purchased for very little in the Philippines but with a small number of tools you could make one too.

Soda savings

Believe it or not…this was suggested by a restaurant owner that my partner and I share a refillable (bottomless) soda pop rather than buy 2 sodas. We still both drink as much as we like. For the more squeamish (or heavy lipstick), with a pocket knife cut another X in the lid for a second straw if you like. Restaurants pay very little for commercial pop machine beverages and charge a very large mark up that would seem like gouging. Of course this may not be for everyone. One could use some of the change you save to tip bigger?


Birthday Savings

Many businesses, especially restaurants, offer free or discounted goods or services to those individuals on their birthday. To find these opportunities, one can google “birthday free (with your location helps)”.  You can be clever too and offer to take a friend out for their birthday to one of these places! Be sure of exact birth date as some often request ID as proof!  I have had a full large steak dinner for free before! This time I had shrimp scampi linguine for free as shown in picture. This was in menu for $13.29!Shrimp Scampi Linguine

Lean hamburger saving tip!

Many grocery store meat butcher departments will sometimes grind your meat that you buy there for free! So, when I find a sale on roast or other lean meat that is cheaper than hamburger, I have them turn this meat into hamburger for me for some great savings. Be sure to ask first and make sure you do not try this when it is getting close to the butchers closing time as they may have closed down their grinder for the day.