Treasure Hunter?

Seems to be lots of ways to find a treasure of value, such as antiquing, thrifting, garage sales, metal detecting, classified adds, mining, scrapping, and so much more! So many types of valuable items could put money in your pocket! What kind of treasure do you look for? What is your favorite treasure find?

Treasure chest

Golden Find!

Found this gold ring with my garage sale metal detector! It is 14 karat gold with 2 small diamonds in it! This is a fun hobby that can be rewarding too! So should I sell it or hold on to it? How do you determine what to do with your great finds?  Dyg

gold ring

Nail Puller

For anyone pulling those darn screw nails out of shipping pallets or other difficult nails this slam hammer type of nail puller is the best manual way that I know to get a good hold on the nails.nailpuller

Birthday Savings

Many businesses, especially restaurants, offer free or discounted goods or services to those individuals on their birthday. To find these opportunities, one can google “birthday free (with your location helps)”.  You can be clever too and offer to take a friend out for their birthday to one of these places! Be sure of exact birth date as some often request ID as proof!  I have had a full large steak dinner for free before! This time I had shrimp scampi linguine for free as shown in picture. This was in menu for $13.29!Shrimp Scampi Linguine