Coffee Bags


To save on instant coffee when you are without a drip coffee maker such as camping, traveling, backpacking and other reasons consider this. By tying coffee in a coffee filter with a string or thread, you can submerse this in your boiling water to make coffee. If no coffee filter, consider using a paper towel or like material for substitute. Dental floss will replace a string also. By tying a small loop in the other end and pulling string through the loop, you will have a slip noose to tie to anything for a handle. You should be able to make the coffee to desired strength by the amount of coffee or duration of submersion. Can you see the minimalist in a tiny house doing this?

Water pipe insulation

Reuse carpet pad or pad scraps for insulating water pipes under your home to help the heat tape prevent freezing. One might even ask a carpet store or carpet layer for the left over or old pad.

Zip seal bags

It is safest to not reuse any that were used to store meats. But to clean and dry them for reuse, it is easiest to turn them inside out. To run them through a dishwasher inside out, place them upside down over supports or utensils and clip the bottom with office or clothes clips to avoid finding them in the bottom of your dishwasher. To avoid heat damage to bags and save on electricity, do not use the hot air dryer portion of timer and instead roll out the racks to air dry immediately when rinse cycle is finished.

Cast Iron Value


I quickly picked up this garage sale bargain before someone else would beat me to it!!  Cast Iron cookware seems to last forever or at least many generations if well cared for! This brand name Lodge #10 was too good of a price at $2 for any sharp bargain hunter to pass up as new it would be well over $25-30 (U.S. dollars). Also, do not let a little rust deter you as these can be refurbished or cleaned and re-seasoned. If you found this bargain, would you buy it and then keep it or resell it?

Freeze Alert

For those of you in colder regions, as winter sets in, be sure to disconnect your outdoor hoses from faucets on your home. Even some frost free faucets will not drain properly if the hose is left on. These broken pipes may not be found until spring when you go to use your outdoor faucet. Many flood and cleaning companies have responded to flooded basements due to this being forgotten.  Dyg