Baby Monitor for Security

If you are short on funds for a high tech security system, using a baby monitor can be a cheap alternative. I put the sending unit on the porch under the roof cover and the receiver just inside the front door. By adjusting the volume up I can even amplify sounds outside for easy listening. So this way I hear cars drive up, people walking by, and even wild animals nearby. My best buy for a baby monitor is garage sales for about 5 US dollars. Many newer baby monitors also have a video feed too, which I consider excellent for those without a peek hole in their door. With many having a dc input voltage, they can easily be rigged for off grid or RV applications also.

frugal security

Egg Test

Many may know but for those that do not I am adding this for good measure. As I have lived abroad, I learn how effective it is to test eggs by placing them in a bowl of water deeper than the eggs. If the egg floats at all, it is bad. If the egg sits on the bottom it is good.

Time saver

To keep my hands free while shopping and my grocery list in front of me, I like to use a office binder clip to fasten my grocery list to the grocery cart! There are so many places you can clip your list on the cart also. Be sure to share this idea with your friends who like to use a shopping list!!


Emergency Swamp Cooler

Dump a bag of ice into a dish pan of water and place in front of fan for a temporary way to cool off during extreme heat! Be sure to secure fan to avoid falling into the dish pan. Use common sense and safety precautions with electricity of course! Seems we often hear of deaths in summer heat due to heat exhaustion. Maybe this could save a life! This is cheaper for short term use than buying a air conditioner. As the summer heat is here, it is a good time to share this with your friends! Stay cool!frugal swamp cooler

Dump Fees

Many refuse dump sites charge by the weight and can be costly if your garbage is wet. With these type of charges always make sure your garbage is either kept dry or dry it out first so you do not pay for the weight of the water in your garbage!