Automatic Animal Feeder

automatic animal feeder

This feeder is made from 4 inch PVC pipe and a Y. A cut up 2 liter pop bottle fits nicely as shown for plugging the bottom and covering the top fill. Of course you will need to glue it all together with the exception of the lid cover made from the bottom of the 2 liter bottle. If you plan to use it outdoors, you will need to add some small drain holes at the bottom. After assembly, you can paint it what ever color you like too. This can easily be used for pets, wild life, and even small farm animals.

Free WiFi or longer WiFi reach with a cantenna

wifi cantenna and diish

Cantennas that are built efficiently will give much greater distance or stronger signals. Basically, they are made from a can and a WiFi stick and best mounted on something like a tripod or mast. I have found that the 40 oz. soup or stew can is best for me. Using a dremmel tool with a small cut off wheel I cut a rectangle hole for the USB plug on stick into the can about an inch from the bottom of the can. The bottom of the can is the back of the cantenna and the open end is the direction of the WiFi source. In the middle of the can is good place to drill and mount a camera tripod base for it.  For outdoor use you may want to cover the open end with plastic and use silicone sealant around USB attachment. Also by using a parabolic dish with the cantenna, some have reported  miles of distance gained! To do this you will have to mount the can on the dish in the same relationship as the dish head was mounted. This is great for those hard to reach places in coffee shops or RV parks!

Soda savings

Believe it or not…this was suggested by a restaurant owner that my partner and I share a refillable (bottomless) soda pop rather than buy 2 sodas. We still both drink as much as we like. For the more squeamish (or heavy lipstick), with a pocket knife cut another X in the lid for a second straw if you like. Restaurants pay very little for commercial pop machine beverages and charge a very large mark up that would seem like gouging. Of course this may not be for everyone. One could use some of the change you save to tip bigger?


Nail Puller

For anyone pulling those darn screw nails out of shipping pallets or other difficult nails this slam hammer type of nail puller is the best manual way that I know to get a good hold on the nails.nailpuller

Birthday Savings

Many businesses, especially restaurants, offer free or discounted goods or services to those individuals on their birthday. To find these opportunities, one can google “birthday free (with your location helps)”.  You can be clever too and offer to take a friend out for their birthday to one of these places! Be sure of exact birth date as some often request ID as proof!  I have had a full large steak dinner for free before! This time I had shrimp scampi linguine for free as shown in picture. This was in menu for $13.29!Shrimp Scampi Linguine

Coffee Bags


To save on instant coffee when you are without a drip coffee maker such as camping, traveling, backpacking and other reasons consider this. By tying coffee in a coffee filter with a string or thread, you can submerse this in your boiling water to make coffee. If no coffee filter, consider using a paper towel or like material for substitute. Dental floss will replace a string also. By tying a small loop in the other end and pulling string through the loop, you will have a slip noose to tie to anything for a handle. You should be able to make the coffee to desired strength by the amount of coffee or duration of submersion. Can you see the minimalist in a tiny house doing this?

Zip seal bags

It is safest to not reuse any that were used to store meats. But to clean and dry them for reuse, it is easiest to turn them inside out. To run them through a dishwasher inside out, place them upside down over supports or utensils and clip the bottom with office or clothes clips to avoid finding them in the bottom of your dishwasher. To avoid heat damage to bags and save on electricity, do not use the hot air dryer portion of timer and instead roll out the racks to air dry immediately when rinse cycle is finished.

Cast Iron Value


I quickly picked up this garage sale bargain before someone else would beat me to it!!  Cast Iron cookware seems to last forever or at least many generations if well cared for! This brand name Lodge #10 was too good of a price at $2 for any sharp bargain hunter to pass up as new it would be well over $25-30 (U.S. dollars). Also, do not let a little rust deter you as these can be refurbished or cleaned and re-seasoned. If you found this bargain, would you buy it and then keep it or resell it?

Freeze Alert

For those of you in colder regions, as winter sets in, be sure to disconnect your outdoor hoses from faucets on your home. Even some frost free faucets will not drain properly if the hose is left on. These broken pipes may not be found until spring when you go to use your outdoor faucet. Many flood and cleaning companies have responded to flooded basements due to this being forgotten.  Dyg

**Fire Pit Ring**

Discarded tractor wheel rims make good fire pit rings. They can end up available at scrap metal yards for scrap price or tractor shops, but I have found that tire shops that serve farmers get them from time to time and often may let you have one for free.

Fire Pit Ring